Course In Miracles Review - What You Need To Know!


A Course In Miracles is a well-known 1976 book by Helen Schucman. The premise is that the most “special” miracle is the actual act of just gaining a “knowing of love's existence” in one's life. Schucman said that this knowledge was dictated directly to her by Christ. While this sounds a bit strange and even a little magical, I will present myself with three points of view on the matter to show what I mean.

First, what does the word “a course in miracles” actually mean? It simply means that when you apply what you have learned on this course you are able to experience an ever expanding awareness of the divine presence that dwells inside of you and the reality of the world and all of its beauty while also experiencing the inner peace that only comes from union with the divine source of all love and divine light. Some people say that this is simply not possible without having a personal relationship with the Lord, but it is my contention that this is a common mistake made by many who teach a course in miracles. What this really means is that those who are closest to the Lord will receive this “knowing” much faster than those who have not received a personal relationship with Jesus.

Second, I want to discuss the first two sections of A course in miracles. The first two sections of the course deal with the first revelation of the sacred knowledge of Jesus Christ that came to Joseph. This revelation enabled the young man to realize that he was the Lord and that he was to act as an instrument of God's will for his fellow man. The second section of the acidic lessons deals with the second revelation of the sacred knowledge of Jesus Christ, which enabled the woman of Samaria to conceive a son. The importance of the woman's reaction to the Lord's words is highlighted by the fact that she remained quiet and unmoving while the angel and newborn Jesus fled. Joseph was never meant to become a martyr for just a woman's miscarriage.

Third, there is a short and sweet chiasm at the very end of the third chapter dealing with the last revelation of Jesus before He went up into heaven. This short piece is important because it highlights the fact that when we seek the truth we will find the answer to every question. This is a good way to conclude the book because in the final analysis you will find that what you are really looking for is the precise answer to the question of how to work in miracles. However, you will also find that this book contains much information that will help you develop your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and to have a strong understanding of the meaning of the sacred writings.

Fourth, I want to say that this was a very helpful little workbook. This workbook contained an abundance of information that was not only relevant but it was also excellently put together. It was not disorganized like so many other worksheets and lesson plans are but it was a very orderly workbook that included an excellent illustration of the 20-minute teachings that are the essence of the Christian faith. This workbook was an absolute joy to read because it was exactly what I was looking for and it covered everything I ever wanted to know about the mysteries of the life of the Word of God. (Myself, being a strong Christian believer).

Fifth, the author has managed to make the most incredible and unbelievable claims in this book without confusing any rational thinker. The entire premise of this workbook rests on the notion of ego. Ego is the basis for all vanity and conceit in this world. When you believe in the ego of God, you can be sure that you will receive revelation from God as long as you continue to keep this secret. However, if you believe that you are already superior to all creation because you possess the secrets of God's kingdom, then you will surely receive revelation from God concerning the kingdom of your heart.